Discover unique NFT exhibits of various artists from all around the globe.
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  • #TICA This Is Crypto Art


    #TICA This Is Crypto Art

    Illustrating possibilities and benefits of the rising trend of digital art powered by NFT in the blockchain. This exhibition is showcasing work from various digital artists from all around the globe.

  • Touchdown on Mars

    February 18, 2021

    Touchdown on Mars

    Available NFT art items about Mars. The exhibition was opened the same minute that NASA’s Perseverance rover touched the red planet. Only seven minutes later the world knew it was a success due to the data transmission delay at the huge distance.

  • Window Shopping


    Window Shopping

    NFT art is rare by definition and does not sell for pennies. But there are some significantly more expensive than others. This exhibition showcases the most expensive NFT items of the art scene. It is updated permanently based on achieved deal prices on several crypto trading platforms.

  • Artificial Brushstrokes

    Coming soon

    Artificial Brushstrokes

    This collection is showcasing digital art that has been created by artificial intelligence exclusively, without any human interaction. Combining blockchain and AI the age of a fully new art experience has arrived ultimately.

  • Time to Make a Change

    Coming soon

    Time to Make a Change

    Progress is not only unstoppable but above all exponential. This exhibition deals with lasting experiences and ever-changing events that influence our perception of the world how it is today and where we are heading.